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Answers to questions on home page:

1. You don’t have to fight this battle alone. Pat Bunch is experienced at working with the IRS to develop solutions to delinquent tax situations. We can help you by negotiating with the IRS to work out a payment schedule you can afford, without the need for garnishing your wages. We will explain your responsibilities and protect your rights.

2. The best way to distribute your assets more quickly is by having a properly drafted and executed will and facilitate the distribution of your assets when you die is through the establishment of a living trust. While a will only goes into effect when you die, a living trust is used throughout your life to manage your assets. Upon your death, your successor trustee is able to begin immediate distribution of your assets, according to the terms you established for your trust.

3. Your custodial arrangement for your children will definitely impact your tax filing status and whether or not you may claim your children as dependents. The difference between filing as Head of Household versus Single with Dependents can be significant. That’s why it is important to contact us early in any divorce process. To understand the best negotiating positions to result in your ability to claim the most advantageous tax exemptions in the future, an early understanding of tax consequences can work to your advantage.

4. Issues such as your business goals, number of employees needed, geographic focus, product liability risk, or partnerships can influence decisions for how you should structure your business. We can help you evaluate the best entity formation to meet your needs.